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January 2020


Steam rises from tanks where aluminum extrusions are being anodized at Pries Enterprises in Independence, IA. Pries recently finished a 50,000 sq ft expansion and installation of a state-of-the-art anodizing line. See story beginning on page 6.


Pries Installs One of the Most Advanced Anodizing Lines in the U.S.
By Rose Eaton
Page 6
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The Value of ET ’20 Remains Unsurpassed: Showcasing the Technical Knowledge and Best Practices for Excellence in the Extrusion Industry
By Craig Werner, ET ’20 Chairman and Kaiser Aluminum
Page 12
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AEC’s Dedication to Extrusion Industry Solid: ET 2020 Celebrates Milestone 50th Anniversary Interview with Jeff Henderson, president of the AEC
By Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor
Page 16
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FEA in Extrusion Die Design – The Influence of Die Design on Productivity and Recovery for an AA7020 Hollow Section
By Tommaso Pinter, Almax Mori
Page 20
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The Coming BEV Wave: Implications for Extrusion
By Lynn Brown, Consulting Collaborative, and Rob Nelson, Almag Aluminum
Page 22
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Driving Business Excellence to Help Customers and Communities Thrive: Interview with Rick Merluzzi, Metal Exchange Corp.
Page 26
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Aluminum Safety Summit Encourages a Stronger Safety Culture Throughout the Value Chain
Page 30
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Top Extruders in North America – New Press Line to Increase Capacity by 30%: Interview with Steve Schabel, Alexandria Industries
Page 34
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ET ’20 – Papers Submitted for Presentation
Page 38

ET ’20 – Exhibitor Profiles
Page 47

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