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December 2019


COVER: The 2020 Corvette C8 utilizes a new mid-engine design with an aluminum-intensive uni-frame in order to push the performance envelope. Engineers from the company discussed their decision making during the Lightweighting World Expo 2019. Learn more on page 22. (Photo: Chevrolet.)


A Simple Measurement System for Optimization of Auto Aluminum Body Sheet Coil Cleaning Lines
By Junjie Wang and Geoff Scamans, Innoval Technology
Page 6

Rusal Starts Up Pilot Casting Complex to Achieve a Maximum Alloy Purity (read online)
By V. Mann, A. Krokhin, D. Ryabov, and A. Startsev, UC Rusal
Page 12

Mid-States Aluminum Focuses on Value-Added with Balanced Growth
Page 14

FEA in Extrusion Die Design – The Case of Central Beams in Hollow Profiles: The Influence of Die Design on Extrudate Temperature
By Tommaso Pinter, Almax Mori
Page 18

Top Extruders in North America – Rebranding Signifies the New Shape of Bonnell: Interview with W. Brook Hamilton, Bonnell Aluminum
Page 20

Lightweighting World Expo 2019
By Lynn Brown, Contributing Editor
Page 22

The 46th Tokyo Motor Show: Implementation of Aluminum Body Panels Still Faces Challenges
By Tai Nakada, Nalk Corporation
Page 30

Aluminum Safety Management – Addressing the Safety of Mobile Equipment
By Alex Lowery, Wise Chem LLC
Page 34

Developments in Twin Roll Casting of Magnesium Alloys
By Amjad Javaid and Frank Czerwinski, CanmetMATERIALS
Page 36

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