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  • Figure 1. The billet pre-heating line for a 6,500-ton, 12 inch automotive aluminum press at Pennex.

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    Understanding the Extrusion Press Line for Meeting Automotive Market Demand

    By Mark Butterfield, Metal Exchange Corporation. Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of six articles (available in the print magazine) in which the author will explore opportunities for the aluminum extrusion industry in the automotive market. The series will specifically address the supply chain, raw material supply, extrusion, fabrication, and assembly. With […]

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    Trimet to Install New Control Process on Its Aluminum Smelters for Greater Sustainability

    Trimet Aluminium SE developed a new process control system for controlling the electrolysis furnaces in its aluminum smelters. The company plans to replace various existing control systems with this in-house developed control and monitoring system — called METRICS® — at its facilities in Essen, Hamburg, and Voerde, Germany, and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France. This will enable the […]

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    Impression Technologies and FEV Develop Battery Housing Using Hot Form Quench Technology

    Impression Technologies collaborated with FEV, an automotive engineering company, to develop and present a battery housing concept for electric vehicles. The new concept utilizes Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) Technology in order to provide optimal space for energy storage. It will be manufactured and presented as a demonstrator in the coming months. “With our latest battery […]

  • Aerial view of ALRO's manufacturing plant in Slatina, Romania

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    ALRO Inaugurates the Expansion of Its Eco Recycling Facility in Romania

    ALRO S.A., one of the largest vertically integrated aluminum producers in Europe, inaugurated the second stage of its Eco Recycling Facility in Slatina, Romania. The new recycling area includes a US$11 million investment in technology and environment protection equipment. “While the very challenging business environment forced us to adapt our development plans to maintain our […]

  • Figure 1. A Tesla Model Y giga-casting. (Source: S. Munro.)

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    The Impact of Giga-Castings on Car Manufacturing and Aluminum Content

    By Alicia Hartlieb and Martin Hartlieb, Viami International Inc. Numerous studies, especially from Ducker-Carlisle, have shown that aluminum usage in light vehicles has been growing for decades, having surpassed 500 lbs (227 kg) per light vehicle in North America and 396 lbs (180 kg) per vehicle in Europe. Until now, castings have been the predominant […]

  • At its Latchford plant in the U.K., Novelis plans to test the use of hydrogen on one of the recycling furnaces.

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    Aluminum Companies Investigate the Use of Hydrogen for Recycling Scrap

    As consumers continue to demand more sustainable products, manufacturing companies at every level of the process chain are working to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact. In the secondary aluminum industry, one potential method for reducing the carbon impact of the melting process is to utilize green hydrogen (produced by using renewable […]

  • Novelis roll forming development line

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    Maximizing the Potential for Roll Forming

    Novelis Inc. started up a new roll forming development line at its automotive Customer Solution Center in Novi, a suburb of Detroit, MI. Novelis is the first flat-rolled aluminum company to invest in its own roll forming development line, which will enable the company to conduct research and development with the aim of meeting industry demand […]

  • The solar park will be built on more than 28000 square meters

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    Novelis Builds First Onsite Solar Park at Its Rolling and Recycling Plant in Italy

    Novelis Inc. completed the construction of its first solar park at its rolling and recycling production site in Pieve Emanuele, Italy. With this project, the company is investing $2.4 million in decarbonizing its production in Pieve, further supporting the development of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum solutions for the European market. Local authorities granted their final approval […]