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    Showa Denko Launches New Aluminum Can Manufacturing Plant in Vietnam

    Showa Aluminum Can Corporation (SAC), a subsidiary of Showa Denko (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of its new aluminum can production facility in Southern Vietnam. The new facility is operated by SAC’s Vietnamese subsidiary Hanacans Joint Stock Company. Hanacans has been successfully increasing the sale of aluminum cans throughout northern […]

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    SDK Develops Technology to Directly Bond Aluminum Alloys and Polycarbonate Resin

    Showa Denko in Japan developed an innovative technology to directly bond aluminum alloys and polycarbonate resin (a commodity amorphous engineering plastic) without using an adhesive. One possible application for this technology is the housings for smart phones, which require a high level of durability. It is common to join aluminum alloys and polycarbonate resin through […]

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    Aluminum Can Manufacturers Investing in New Capacity

    The global beverage cans market size is expected to reach US$60.92 billion by 2024, according to Grand View Research, Inc. This is due to increasing demand for carbonated soft drinks and other flavored soda drinks in North America and for energy drinks and canned cold coffee and iced tea in Europe and Latin America. Three aluminum […]