Northern Indiana Anodize (NIA)

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  • Northern Indiana Anodize

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    ARTICLE: NIA Launches Its First Large Anodizing Line

    Northern Indiana Anodize (NIA) is a new anodizing company located in Fort Wayne, IN. The company started up its first large anodizing line in June, where it will process aluminum profiles manufactured by local extruders. The company plans to serve the architectural, automotive, marine, solar energy, and industrial markets in the Mid-West region, where there […]

  • Northern Indiana Anodize (NIA)

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    NIA Setting Up Its First Aluminum Anodizing Plant in Indiana

    Northern Indiana Anodize (NIA), a startup aluminum anodizing company, plans to invest $6.9 million in its first location in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The planned 47,000 sq ft facility will use 32 ft tanks to accommodate aluminum parts up to 30 ft in length. NIA plans to serve the automotive, construction, boating, and industrial markets in the […]