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    Eliminating Defective Fasteners with High Resolution, 3D Inspection Equipment

    By Del Williams. From automotive, trucking, and heavy equipment to aerospace, agriculture, and high-volume appliance/electronics, manufacturers looking to reduce weight (or for cost savings) have turned to lightweight materials like aluminum, magnesium, plastics, and zinc. The associated joining demands require zero defects from fastener manufacturers, as production speed and quality depends on them. While fastener […]

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    Fastener Design Guidelines for Aluminum Extrusion, Sheet, and Plate

    As screw fasteners are so often used in aluminum structures, the structural integrity of joints made with these fasteners are highly dependent on proper design guidelines. The Hydro Extrusion Design Manual 2009 and The Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Design Manual 2005 present general design guidelines for mechanical connections. The Hydro Manual includes joining guidelines for longitudinal […]