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PiTTek Div., Swindell Dressler Int. Co.


5100 Casteel Dr.
Coraopolis, PA 15108
Contact Name: Tim Schultz
Phone: (412) 874-5414
Fax: (412) 788-7110

PiTTek is a leading provider of high-performance Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust Systems for the Metals Industries, with special emphasis on aluminum hot and cold rolling applications.  With extensive references throughout the aluminum industry, PiTTek has supplied exhaust systems ranging from 50,000cfm up to 285,000cfm concentrating on reversing roughing mills, multi-stand hot finishing mills, single stand cold mills and tandem cold mills.  Our systems include drip resistant mill hoods and enclosures, duct systems sized for coolant drop-out, heavy-duty dampers, specially configured main exhaust fans, stainless steel mist elimination technology without throw-away media, coolant drainage units, and complete main exhaust stacks.  In addition to the mill exhaust system, PiTTek has partnered with leading heavy oil scrubber system suppliers to provide complete VOC control systems for cold rolling mills.  PiTTek provides custom system engineering and design, component fabrication, manufacturing quality assurance, commissioning and start-up support, and long-term spare parts and service support.

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