European Aluminium Association


European Aluminium, founded in 1981, is the association that represents the whole value chain of the aluminium industry in Europe. We actively engage with decision-makers and the wider stakeholder community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium, secure growth and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. It encompasses primary aluminium producers, downstream manufacturers, producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations representing the manufacturers of rolled and extruded products in 18 European countries, with a total number of 70 members.

Through environmental and technical expertise, economic and statistical analysis, scientific research, education and sharing of best practices, public affairs and communication activities, European Aluminium promotes the use of aluminium as a permanent material that is part of the solution to achieving sustainable goals, while maintaining and improving the image of the industry, of the material and of its applications among their stakeholders.

What is our objective?

The overall objective of European Aluminium is to actively engage with EU decision-makers and the wider policy community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. To reach this objective, our association is active in the fields of:

  • Issue monitoring and issue management on topics of common interest;
  • Generic promotion and communication on aluminium;
  • Collection, maintenance and dissemination of European aluminium statistics;
  • Encouraging and initiating studies or research projects and technical co-operation in all relevant areas whether of a scientific, technological, economic, governmental, sociological, legal or any other nature.

How are we Organized?



The Chairmanship of our association accounts for a 2 years term. Mr Pierre Vareille (CEO of Constellium) has been appointed European Aluminium Chairman and Mr Roeland Baan (Executive Vice President and CEO of Aleris Europe) Vice Chairman for the 2014-2015 term.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the direction and management of the interests of the association and for taking decisions not reserved to the General Assembly. It shall ensure the proper implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee submits the budget and accounts and reports on the strategy and the annual work programme of the association to the General Assembly.


Full name   Company   Title   Function
Mr Pierre Vareille   Constellium   CEO   Chairman
Mr Roeland Baan   Aleris   Executive Vice President and CEO Aleris Europe   Vice Chairman
Mr Simon Baker   Alcoa   President of Alcoa Europe   Treasurer
Dr Constantin Catsaros   Elval   Member of the Executive Board   Member
Mr Kjetil Ebbesberg   Hydro   Executive Vice President, Rolled Products   Member
Mr Karl Eichinger   SAPA   Chief Financial Officer   Member
Mr Gervais Jacques   Rio Tinto Alcan   Chief Commercial Officer   Member
Dr Erwin Mayr   Novelis   President, Novelis Europe   Member
Dott. Roberta Niboli   Raffmetal S.p.A.   CEO of Raffmetal S.p.A.   Member
Mr Will Savage   Aluminium Federation UK   Chief Executive   Member

Committees & Market Groups

The work of the association is structured along four horizontal Committees and three Market Groups. These constituencies gather experts from the Industry and are responsible for different areas and responsabilities (see organigram).


Our members are grouped in 5 Divisions according to the aluminium product forms: Primary, Extrusion, Rolling, Recycling and Foil (European Aluminium Foil Association – EAFA).

European Aluminium Association (EAA)
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