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Aluminum Association Releases 2016 Molten Metal Incident Report

The Aluminum Association released its 2016 Molten Metal Incident Report, covering calendar year 2015 information on industry safety and plant incidents. The 2016 report indicates:

  • 174 incidents were reported, including a record number (163) of Force 1 incidents
  • 10 Force 2 incidents
  • one Force 3 incident.

The Molten Metal Incident Reporting Program is worldwide and incorporates roughly 300 aluminum plants in 20 countries. Significant consulting support for its development was provided by Ray Richter of Aluminum Cast Shop Consultants, LLC. While not a statistical representation of the industry — due to its reliance on voluntary self-reporting — this report highlights the predominant hazards that result in explosions during molten aluminum management.

“Sustainability is a leading differentiator for aluminum, and safety is a key component of that sustainability,” wrote Garney B. Scott, chairman of the Aluminum Association, in his call for continued improvement of health and safety in aluminum production. “In my view we cannot be sustainable without first being safe. We can continue to improve safety performance and measurement, if we continue to make the well-being of our employees a top priority and drive for continued advances in our safety performance. But to do that, we need a strong foundation.”

2016 Molten Metal Incident Report is available as a digital download, including a PDF of the full report, a PowerPoint featuring key charts and graphs, and a Word document of the incident reporting form.

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