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Video: Aluminum Bridge Provides Pedestrian Gateway to New TD Place Sports Stadium

The MAADI Group engineering firm, Montréal, Québec, installed a new aluminum arched pony-truss bridge as part of the TD Place Project, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.The strong, lightweight aluminum bridge, designed specifically for pedestrians and light vehicles, has an overall length of 30 m (98 ft 5 inches). It is constructed with welded, high-strength aluminum extrusions, making it durable and maintenance-free. The sleek bridge design features a Warren-type truss structure as the main girder, with an extruded aluminum pony-truss truss framework, aluminum side guardrails and fencing, and IPE hardwood decking that resists slipping and skidding.

The aluminum bridge’s arched-rail architectural design blends aesthetically with its natural surroundings and provides durable functionality. The bridge is designed to handle light maintenance vehicles that, when fully loaded, weight approximately 1 000 kilograms (2,240 pounds) each. The aluminum structure is entirely corrosion-free and maintenance-free, eliminating the need for expensive galvanizing or painting of steel due to rust.

MAADI Engineers also designed thermal expansion joints at each end of the bridge to enable the bridge to expand and contract up to 50.4 mm (2 inches), allowing for a temperature gradient of 70 degrees, between -35°C and 35°C (-31°F to 95°F). Its AA6061-T6 aluminum extrusions can withstand harsh climate conditions including ice, snow, frigid temperatures, and high winds. “Aluminum is the ideal truss and railing material to integrate with the bridge’s slip-proof Ironwood™ decking to create a pedestrian bridge that is perfect for the heavy foot traffic at this Sports venue, and for light vehicle access by maintenance staff,” said Alexandre de la Chevrotière, founder and ceo of MAADI Group.

A custom wide-load flat-bed trailer was used to transport the pre-assembled bridge on its three-and-a-half-hour journey over 198 km (123 miles) from the manufacturing facility to the installation site at TD Place. The bridge was pre-assembled with fusion welding of the aluminum using the GMAW process. See installation of the bridge in MAADI’s video on YouTube.

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