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Innoval Introduces Automotive Sheet Training Course

Innoval Technology introduced “Aluminium Automotive Sheet Training Course,” which will take place on April19-20, 2018 at their offices in Banbury U.K.

The two-day course is specifically geared toward companies new to making or using this product, helping delegates develop a thorough understanding of automotive sheet from a materials point of view. Thus enabling them to get to the root cause of problems faster and use their knowledge to improve processes and develop better products.

The course, which is written and delivered by technical specialists with expertise in automotive sheet, will cover the following topics:

  • Background to the use of aluminium in automotive applications
  • Equipment needs and supply chain considerations
  • Metallurgy basics and 5000-series alloys property control
  • Surface control and lubrication
  • Vehicle manufacture
  • 6000-series alloys property control
  • Surfaces and corrosion
  • Testing requirements and OEM qualification

The Aluminium Automotive Sheet Training Course is aimed at senior managers and technical specialists.

For more information: Helen Forrest, Innoval Technology. Tel: (44) 1295 702844. email:

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