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Continuus-Properzi to Host In-House Fair

Properzi-In-House-Fair-2020Continuus-Properzi, a company that specializes in the production of continuous casting lines for the aluminum, copper, and other metal industries, will be hosting the Properzi In-House Fair 2020 on December 7-11. The fair will feature various online technical events, as well as three days of special face-to-face meetings.

Online Technical Sessions

During the course of the five-day fair, Continuus-Properzi will host webinars and informative presentations dedicated to many facets of Properzi technology, which are designed to expose viewers to the company’s technical know how. Those interested in aluminum manufacturing will be interested in attending the following events:

  • December 7 – A discussion of aluminum technologies with Giulio Properzi, the company’s president and CEO
  • December 9 – An introduction to Properzi’s technical consultancy services, as well as IULIUS 4.0, which is their response to Industry 4.0
  • December 11 — A look at the company’s Pro-Form and track and belt continuous casting technologies for the production of ingots

In addition, the Properzi team will conduct a Virtual Tour of the company’s facility, showcasing their engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

In-Person Meetings

Continuus-Properzi will also hold face-to-face private meetings that will be conducted in line with COVID-19 protocols. This meeting will enable participants to gain a more personalized discussion regarding specific casting and processing technologies and interests.

Time slots are available on December 9-11. Interested participants should reserve a meeting as soon as possible as slots are limited.

For more information, visit the website or contact a Continuus-Properzi representative at:

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