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June 2019


A mosaic of interlocking extrusions made from beer coolers. Hydro Aluminium displayed this wall of extrusions, designed by the Hydro Profile Academy in the Netherlands, at its booth during ALUMINIUM 2016 in Düsseldorf. (Source: Hydro. Photo: Judith Buethe.)


Novelis Becomes Development Partner for Automotive Aluminum
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6
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Updated Automotive Lifecycle Assessment Model Launched
By M. Bertram, C. Bayliss, and P. Ragnarsson
Page 10
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Aluminium Two Thousand 2019 Congress
By Joseph Benedyk
Page 16
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North American Aluminum Extrusion Industry Hits Historic Record Shipment Highs
By Hank Sattlethight
Page 22
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ET Seminars Remain Critical to the Extrusion Industry for Advancement of Technology
By Craig R. Werner
Page 24
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New Al-Mg-Sc Alloys for Shipbuilding and Marine Applications
By V. Mann et al.
Page 29
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Driving Automotive Innovation in Aluminum: Interview with Nate Beavers
Page 32
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Novatec Achieves 25 Years of Excellence in Infrared Die Ovens
Page 34
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The 70th Annual Aluminum Extruders Council Meeting
By Rose Eaton
Page 36
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TMS Light Metals Keynote Presents Realities of Aluminum’s Environmental Sustainability
Page 38
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