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August 2017


COVER: The jumbo 20 ton, 42 inch diameter billet shown is being removed from the casting pit of AK Corporation’s new greenfield casthouse in South Korea. The casthouse, was built as the result of a U.S. technology transfer. See story beginning on page 18.


World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

AK’s Greenfield Casthouse Produces Jumbo Billet and Slab to Supply Aerospace Al Globally
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 18

Oxy-Fuel Technologies and Strategies for Secondary Aluminum Melting Operations
By Shailesh Gangoli, Bruce Kenworthy, Greg Buragino, Russell Hewertson, Anup Sane, and Jeff Mocsari
Page 22

Constellium Opens Greenfield Automotive Aluminum Structures Plant: Crash Management System for OEMs in Southeast U.S.
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 28

Defects Affecting Extrusion – Water Stain
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 32

GARMCO’s New Recycling Facility: Link to Sustainable Supply Chain
Page 42

Casthouse Management: Reducing Melt Loss When Remelting Used Beverage Cans and Coated Sheet Scrap
By James Grayson
Page 44

Arlington Plating Starts Up First Aluminum Anodizing Line
Page 48

Extrusion Press Maintenance: Improved Performance and Safety Through Proper Bolt Torque
By James Cunningham
Page 50

Development of Cost-Effective Non-Flammable Mg Alloys
By S. Frank and S. Gneiger
Page 54

75th World Magnesium Conference
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 57

Extrusion Industry News & Technology

Tecnoglass Becomes Energy Self-Sufficient: Groundbreaking Solar Energy Project in Colombia
By Al Kennedy
Page 36

Extrusion Die Maker Self-Generates Electricity
Page 38

Hydro Acquires Sapa – Now Fully Integrated Aluminum Company
Page 40

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