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April 2017


The new compact remelt plant (CRP) with horizontal billet casting lines is now in operation at Service Center Metals (SCM) in Prince George, VA. This is the second CRP for the extruder. Photos show the continuous process from aluminum melting furnace to solidified billet strands. With Phase 1 and now Phase 2 line completed, SCM has a combined log capacity of 175 million lbs/yr. See article beginning on page 6.


SCM Expands Billet Supply to North America: World’s Largest Horizontal Casting Facility
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 6

Status and Outlook of the North American Aluminum Billet Industry
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 12

The Evolution of Lightweighting: GALM Vehicle Manufacturing Summit 2017
By Lynn Brown
Page 22

A Global Force for Fair Trade in Extrusion: Interview with Jeff Henderson, AEC and IFTA
Page 28

Sophisticated Hydraulics at the Heart of the Modern Aluminum Extrusion Press
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 30

Upgrading Press Hydraulic Drives and Controls
By Tom LaCombe
Page 36

Aluminum-Based Composite Billets Produced by Plasma Injection and Thixocasting
By Valery G. Borisov
Page 48

Extrusion Industry News & Technology

The New Face and Form of Futura: Interview with President Jared Bringhurst
Page 40

UACJ Acquires Whitehall Industries to Expand Automotive Capabilities
Page 42

Alexandria Industries Achieves 50 Year Milestone
Page 44

Vitex Grows Capacity and Capabilities: Auxiliary System Upgrades
Page 46

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