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January 2016


A test sample for an extruded aluminum crashbox used in the front or rear crush zone of an automobile bumper system. The extruded part shown underwent a crush test, showing a folding pattern for optimum energy absorption, so that the part absorbs the energy of a crash rather then the driver—an important safety feature in vehicle design. Crash protection is just one of the features that aluminum extrusions can offer autos today. See article on “Optimizing Automotive Design with Aluminum Extrusions” beginning on page 10. (Photo: Sapa Extrusions)


ET ’16 Technology Tracks: Perspectives from the Seminar Track Chairs
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 6
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Optimizing Automotive Design with Extrusions: Growth in Electric Vehicles Presents Opportunities for Aluminum
Page 10
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Bonnell Upgrades Anodizing Line in Tennessee: Capacity Increase to Meet Unprecedented Non-Residential Demand
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 14
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Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Extrusion Marks
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 18
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The 44th Tokyo Motor Show – Noteworthy Cars Advance New Technologies
By Tai Nakada
Page 20
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New High Efficiency SS-Hybrid Extrusion Press
By Takeharu Yamamoto and David S. Bernardi
Page 22
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ET ’16 List of Papers
Page 26

ET ’16 Exhibitor Profiles
Page 36

ET ’16 Schedule at a Glance
Page 52

Equipment Spotlight: Brush Deburring in Light Metal Manufacturing
By Larry Johnson
Page 56
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