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August 2015


View inside Air Products’ Combustion Lab test furnace during adjustable heat release oxyfuel burner firing. Oxyfuel burner modeling at various set points helped determine the burner best suited for Sapa Extrusions. Sapa used oxyfuel technology in a novel application to boost productivity of a regen-fired reverb furnace in their casthouse in Cressona, PA. See story beginning on page 20.


World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

Aluminum Recycling and the 2015 Ford F-150
By Laurent B. Chappuis
Page 16

Customized Combustion Solution Yields Productivity Improvement for Aluminum Extruder
By John Palazzolo, Anup Sane, Russell Hewertson, Nathen Chaleby, Darryl Hilbert, and Joseph Yutko
Page 20

High Mechanical Properties of Extrusions Formed from Aluminum Machining Chips
By Matthias Haase, A. Erman Tekkaya, and Wojciech Z. Misiolek
Page 24

Trends in Japan’s Aluminum Extrusion Industry
By Isao Nakada
Page 32

Automotive Demand Advances Aluminum Scrap Recovery and Processing
By Mark Ridall
Page 38

Novelis Continues to Pursue Global Recycling Content Target
Page 42

Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Coarse Grain
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 44

Extrusion Industry News & Technology: Postle Installs New Extrusion Press Line – Newly Acquired by Thor, Secures Strong Position in RV Market
Page 48

Extrusion Industry News & Technology: The Critical Interaction of the Dummy Block and Container in Modern Extrusion Presses
By Paul Robbins and Dr. Ken Chien
Page 52

Extrusion Industry News & Technology: Bulgarian Window Frame Manufacturer Installs First Extrusion Line
Page 54

Greenfield Aluminum Smelter Planned for Iceland
Page 56

72nd World Magnesium Conference: Increased Use of Aluminum Boon to Magnesium
By Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Page 58

Inside/Out Light Metals: The Origin of the Eddy Current Separator
By Kenzo Takahashi
Page 62

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