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April 2015


Collaboration between Litelab Corporation and Almag Aluminum of Brampton, ON, Canada, yielded this highly engineered heatsink for a high-powered LED. Designed to handle thermal loads over 40 W without forced convection, this fixture is capable of producing 5,000 lumens. The complex extrusion shown in both clear and black anodized utilizes a tailored alloy, serrated cooling fins, and enhanced geometry to achieve optimal heat dissipation.


Sierra Aluminum Ensures Its Continuity with New Press Line
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6
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The Sutton MK-V Extrusion Press Debut: SMS Group Celebrates Sutton’s 100th Anniversary
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 10
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Sapa R&D Propels Extrusion Innovation: New Research Lab to Open Near Detroit
Page 16
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Light and Weather Fast Adsorptive Dyeing of Anodized Aluminum
By Thomas Heber
Page 20
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Automotive Aftermarket Supplier Installs First Extrusion Press
Page 26
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Arabal 2014: Part II – The Aluminum Market at a Crossroads
By Andrew Hall
Page 28
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Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Longitudinal Weld
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 36
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2015 Specification for Aluminum Structures
By Randy Kissell
Page 38
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How Extrusion Technology (ET) Events Drive Improvements in the Extrusion Industry
By Craig R. Werner
Page 42
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Aluminum Company of Canada Awarded Historic Landmark Status
Page 48
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Aluminum Extruders Reaching New Heights
Page 50
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