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August 2014


SMS Meer’s Axel Bauer (left), general manager of extrusion press sales, and Uwe Muschalik (right), general manager of hydraulic press R&D and technology, in front of the newly built HybrEx 25, the radically different 25 MN extrusion press designed by the SMS Meer R&D and Technology Group headed by Muschalik. See story on page 24.


World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6
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Postle Extrusions Expands to Capture Booming RV Market
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 18
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The New and Innovative HybrEx Extrusion Press
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 24
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Automotive Aluminum for the Masses
Page 28

The U.S. Aluminum Lifecycle, 1900-2009: Quantifying Various Recycling Rates
By Wei-Qiang Chen and T.E. Graedel
Page 30
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Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Blistering
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 36
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Australasian Aluminium Extrusion Conference 2014
By Barbara Rinderer
Page 38
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AEC Leads the Way to Extrusion Industry Success: Interview with Jeff Henderson, AEC
Page 42
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Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident: Interview with Alex Lowery, Wise Chem
Page 46
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The Power of Extrusions: How Aluminum is Reshaping the B&C Industry
By Scott Condreay
Page 48
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TMS 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition
Page 52
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71st World Magnesium Conference: China Continues to Lead World Production
By Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Page 55
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2014 Magnesium Awards of Excellence
by Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Page 59
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