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December 2012


The hot roughing mill at Xiamen Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co. Ltd. is located in Fujian province in southeastern China. Xiashun has a 1+1 hot mill with a roughing and finishing stand, as well as a single-stand cold mill for the production of 2,150 mm wide strip. Xiashun mills provide an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. For more information go to page 50.


Oman Aluminium Rolling Company: Capturing Growth Trends for Aluminum and Transforming Oman
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6

Intense Focus on Downstream: Interview with Anthony Tropeano, FATA Hunter and FATA EPC
Page 11

Aluminum Rolling Lubrication
By Mark Foster and Chris Pargeter
Page 12

Mill Builder Achieves Record Results by Complete Commitment to Al Rolling and Strip Processing: Interview with Ralf Ohrndorf, SMS Siemag
Page 16

The Goal of Optimizing Aluminum Extrusion Operations, Part VII: Incentive Systems – Or, Bill Reveals How Acme Effectively Motivates Extrusion Person
By Craig Werner
Page 18

Usage and Flow of Aluminum Sheet within the U.S. and Canadian Residential Building Products Industry
By Scott C. Ellis, Ph.D., Todd Boggess, Shridas Ningileri, and Denis Ray
Page 24

OMAV Milestone Anniversary and New Partnership
Page 32

Energy Conservation Contributes to Sustainability at Dubal
Page 34

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