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April 2012


Before billets are removed from the new casting pit at Sapa’s Cressona facility, the chief caster stencils the cast order number onto the cast log. At a time when demand for billet is increasing, Sapa is making significant investments to increase their casting capacity.


Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World/Primary Aluminum Industry Activities in 2011
By Rudolf Pawlek
Page 6
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Sapa’s Strategic Casthouse Expansion at Cressona
By J.D. Schloz
Page 22
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The Discovery, Commercialization, and Development of the Aluminum Industry in France
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 28
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Dubal: Continuous Improvement through Innovation
Page 34
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Lightweight Mobility Can Change the World: The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show
By Isao Nakada
Page 36
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Cast House 2011 in Review
By Barbara Rinderer
Page 38
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Oldest Smelter in Russia Celebrates Modernization: Commissioning at VAS Launches Value-Added Revamps
Page 44
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The Goal of Optimizing Aluminum Extrusion Operations, Part III: Log and Mill Length Optimization, Or, Bill Discovers How He Can Implement Accurate Dat
By Craig Werner
Page 46
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The USAMP Magnesium Front End Research and Development Project: Focusing on a Demonstration Structure
By A.A. Luo, et al.
Page 54
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