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April 2011


Multiport die with CVD coated mandrel and plate insert for heat exchanger tube. It is a so-called CED sandwich die with the following features: very small mandrels possible, multi-caivity extrusion in limited space, and holder and backer to be used several times. This die is sold under the WEFA patent and trademark CED (Coated Extrusion Die).


Review of Past Innovations and Recent Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion Production: from Alloy to Process Development
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 6
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Briteline Excels in Small Shapes with Fine Finishes
By J.D. Schloz
Page 20
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Company Profile: Raffmetal Offers Lighter Ingots with Track & Belt Casting
Page 28
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Rusal’s Primary Aluminum Initiatives: Interview with Victor Mann
Page 34
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Extrusion Industry & Technology News: Revolutionary Design Twin Container Press Unveiled in Italy
Page 36
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Extrusion Industry & Technology News: Lake Park Expands to Deliver Marx Smart Container Technology: Interview
Page 40
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Extrusion Industry & Technology News: WEFA Cedar Marks Expansion of CVD Coated Extrusion Dies into U.S.
Page 42
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ICEB 2011: International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark
By L. Donati, L. Tomesani, N. Ben Khalifa, and A.E. Tekkaya
Page 46
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Celebrating 125 Years of Modern Aluminum
Page 48
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