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June 2009


While billets are removed from the pit at Alexin’s new casthouse in Bluffton, Indiana, casting personnel perform routine between-cast tasks, such as inspecting billet molds, checking the casting rings for imperfections, and coating the t-plates with a release agent. The novel casting station configuration allows access to the molds by tilting the table away from the casting pit, improving pit turnaround efficiency and enhancing operator safety. The Alexin greenfield facility is the newest aluminum extrusion billet casthouse in North America.


Alexin Casthouse Producing Billet for the Extrusion Industry
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 6

Alexin’s Sustainable Vision: The Way to Go, the Way to Grow: Interview with Tom Horter
Page 17

Alcan’s Innovative Aluminum-Based Solutions for Aerospace Applications
By T. Warner, J.C. Ehrström, B. Chenal, and F. Eberl
Page 18

Hard Anodizing of Aluminum Aerospace Alloys
By Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 22

AEROMAG – Magnesium Suitable for Aeronautic Applications?
By Elke Hombergsmeier
Page 34

Personality Profile: Kurt Ehrke Retires from the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium AG
Page 40

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