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February 2008


This simulation image shows the load (effective stress) on the mandrel of an aluminum extrusion die. The mandrel’s weak points are clearly shown. This is one of the simulations that Compes Italy created in an effort to optimize leg design on a port-hole die that ultimately led to the Compes Blade Die design. The software used for the simulation is QForm 3D. This issue features a review of the Extrusion Workshop and 2nd Extrusion Benchmark in Bologna, Italy in September. Leg shape in die design was one of the topics covered in the Benchmark portion of the workshop in which Compes participated.


ET ’08 Technology Tracks: Perspectives from the Seminar Track Chairs
By Joeseph C. Benedyk
Page 6

ET ’08 Abstracts
Page 10

ET ’08n Exhibitor Profiles
Page 32

Extrusion Workshop and 2nd Extrusion Benchmark in Bologna
By L. Donati, L. Tomesani, and M. Schikorra
Page 40

Investigations of Longitudinal Welding in Port-Hole Die Extrusion
By P.F. Bariani, A. Ghotti, and S. Bruschi
Page 44

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