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December 2008


From rolled sheet to valuable recycled content, used beverage cans (UBCs) are a major source of supply for the U.S. aluminum industry. However, too many UBCs have ended up in landfill as the current U.S. recycling rate of 54% attests. Due to the culmination of industry wide efforts, which include new technology to extract UBCs before they become part of the waste stream, The Aluminum Association has now, with confidence, announced a new target goal of 75% by 2015.


Coil-Anodized Aluminum and Architectural Applications
By Robin Furneaux
Page 6

Corrosion of Aluminum Marine Alloys in Boats
By T.J. Summerson
Page 12

3rd Annual American Metal Market Automotive Metals Conference: Light Metals to Help Navigate the Perfect Storm
By Joe Benedyk
Page 18

Annual Anodizing Conference Furthers Process Improvements
By Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 28

Developing a Technical Roadmap for Automotive Lightweight Metals Recycling
By John A.S. Green
Page 32

Aluminum is Up to the Challenge: Association Targets 75% Recycling Rate
Page 36

The 75th Anniversary of The Aluminum Association: Interview with Steve Larkin
Page 37

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