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February 2007


New fully equipped Wagstaff casting pit at Krasnoyarsk for production of 12 meter long slabs. The newly modernized casting complex is the largest in Russia and the CIS for aluminum rolling slabs.


Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World/Primary Aluminum Industry Activities in 2006
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

Aluminum Industry Upgrade Set in Motion by New Wave of High Amperage Prebakes
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 28

Sustainable Development of Chinaís Al Industry
By Dajun Chen
Page 32

The Use of Si3N4 SiC Refractory Shapes by Reverse Reaction Sintering in Al Reduction Cells
By J. Sun, W. Xu, H. Hong, and Y. Hong
Page 44

Isothermal Melting Process Offers 70% Energy Savings
By Elwin Rooy
Page 46

Permanent Magnet Stirrer for Molten Aluminum
Page 52

The Aluminium Valley
By Claude Caya
Page 56

Magnesium Industry Review 2006/2007
By Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Page 59

Primary Aluminum Forecast
By Andre Teissier du Cros
Page 63

22nd Annual ITA Conference & Exhibition
By Edwin H. Kraft
Page 65

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