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April 2007


Image of a 3-D solid model of an extrusion main cylinder and main cylinder housing (ram is shown in blue). Precisely sized models allow for pre-manufacture visualization of mating parts, virtual assembly of planned components, FEA, and stress analysis. In the hands of a capable engineer, 3-D modeling represents the next step forward in the modern extrusion design process. (Image courtesy of Butech Bliss.)


Magnesium Extrusion: Properties, Applications, and Alloy Development
By J.F. Brown, Jr.
Page 6

Intensive Microshearing with Grain Refinement: A Scientific Proposal for Advancing Basic Extrusion Technology
By Vadim Berezhnoy
Page 12

Achieving Consistency in Hardcoat Anodizing
By Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 24

Students Shine at 2007 Al Extrusion Design Competition
Page 26

The Myth of the Perfect Die
By Paul Robbins
Page 28

Primary Magnesium Industry at the Crossroads?
By George J. Simandl, Melanie Irvine, and Jana Simandl
Page 32

MAGNESIUM Driving Light Weight: 18th Annual Mg in Automotive Seminar
By Joseph Benedyk
Page 36

Sixth Aluminium Congress Comes to Florence
By Greg Rajsky
Page 38

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