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October 2006


Aura® Color Infusion Technology from Bayer Material Science LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania produces aluminum wheels with metallic surfaces that can be custom-colored.


Fatigue Properties of AA6061 and AA7075 Extruded Rod after Retrogression Heat Treatment and Thermo-Mechanical Treatment
By X. Neumeyer, D. Chen, S. Mostovoy, and J. Benedyk
Page 6

Project Management in Extrusion and Recycling of Aluminum
By Roger A.P. Fielding
Page 10

Innovative Technology Infuses Metal Components with a New Aura
By Robert A. Pyles
Page 22

Stroh Die Casting: Beginning Another Century of Success
Page 26

The Effects of High-Temperature Treatments on the Stress Corrosion Resistance of 7175 Aluminum Alloys
By G. Lin, Z. Zhang, J. Zhou, and D. Peng
Page 28

The Race is on for Commercialization of Ti Powder
By Michael Trzcinski
Page 30

Alcoa Howmet Develops Ti Investment Castings for Advanced Aerospace Applications
Page 34

USAMP-AMD 2006 Update
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 36

10th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys, Part II
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 38

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