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October 2004


Earle Canavan of the Magnesium Automotive Group wants to achieve 90-95% magnesium content in his prototype Kaiser Darrin car. Shown is the complete body stamping with cast magnesium parts, from top going clockwise. including: master cylinder, connecting rod, piston, water pump, engine girdle, wheel, large chassis casting (not pictured), and differential.


Ductile Aluminum High-Pressure Die Casting Alloys for Automotive Applications
By Hubert Koch and Rudiger Franke
Page 6

First Advances in the Manufacture of Composite Extrusions for Lightweight Constructions
By Alexander Klaus, Michael Schomacker, And Matthias Kleiner
Page 12

Magnesium Challenges Aluminum Dominance as the Light Metal of Choice in Automotive Markets
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 22

New “Raffle” Process Produces Direct Injection Magnesium Wheels on a Cast-by-Cast Basis with No Porosity
By Robert “Bob” Brown
Page 28

The Effect of Increased Zirconium Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TI-1100 Alloy
By Mesut Varlioglu, Philip Nash, Feng XU, and Geping Li
Page 32

Automotive Light Metals Industry Interview: Dieter Braun
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 36

The 11th Int’l Arab Aluminium Conference and Exhibition
By Andrew Hall
Page 38

ALUMINIUM 2004 World Trade Fair Congress
By Ken Stanford
Page 48

Essen is Number One Aluminum Event
Page 52

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