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October 2003


In Mideast Aluminum’s Quality Control Laboratory, Lori Perch, N.P. Mfg. engineer, uses a coordinating measurement machine to test tolerances on extruded rails that fit into a headliner for the 2004 Ford Fl50 light vehicle. Jeny Dering, Die Corrector, is in the background.


Mideast Aluminum…ISO/TS 16949 Auto Certification
Page 6

Thermal Expansion of Different Steel Tool and Aluminum Sheet Materials Used in Hot Forming Processes
By David Hanna
Page 10

RUSAL’s Primary Aluminum Growth Strategy
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 12

Weight Reduction Through Thixocasting Associated With Shot Peening-Part II
By G. Grillon, A. Leclere, and M. Garat
Page 18

By Michael Kogan
Page 24

Vertical Direct Chill Casting of Magnesium Alloys—Expecially for Extrusion Billet
By Pravdic, Kaufmann, Wšgerer, Traxler, and Hubbauer
Page 28

Self-Pierce Riveting Technology: A Joining Solution for Light Metals
By Michael L. LaPensee
Page 32

High-Speed Surface Transportation Systems
Page 36

Fourth International Symposium on Friction Stir Welding
By F. H. (Sam) Froes
Page 38

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