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June 2003


Transport unit inside US Magnesium’s cell building in Rowley, Utah, where thirty new-design monopolar diaphragmless electrolytic cells were installed as part of a five year modernization plan (photo by Trevor Muhler).


“M-Cell” Modernization Improves US Magnesium Process and Environmental Performance
By Robert “Bob” Brown
Page 6

The Effect of Process Conditions in Sulphuric Acid Anodizing on Appearance and Performance of the Anodic Coating
By Ted Short
Page 14

Extrusion Technology for Aluminum Cylinder Liners Using a Rapidly Solidified Powder Alloy
By Shigeru Okaniwa and Jun Kusui
Page 22

Review of Automotive Lightweighting in Europe (Part II)
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 28

Custom Alloy Shines
By Anna Henry
Page 30

Impol’s New Rolling Line Realizes Economic and Environmental Goals
Page 36

Aluminum Anodizers Delegation to Italy
By Greg Rajsky
Page 38

Directory of Aluminum Anodizing Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers
Page 41

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