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August 2003


Recycling photo montage shows the way from scrap via melting to produce castings. (Photo courtesy of VAR-Verband der Aluminiumrecycling-lndustrie, Germany.)


Secondary Al Industry Annual Review/Table
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 8

Review of Fluxing Fundamentals
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 22

Final EPA Revision to Secondary Aluminum Air Toxics Rules
By Robert P. Strieter
Page 32

Hydro Aluminum’s Commerce Plant in Prime Position to Supply Extruders
By Anna Henry
Page 34

Weight Reduction Through Thixocasting Associated With Shot Peening-Part I
By G. Grillon, A. Leclere, and M. Garat
Page 38

Aluminco Adds Extrusion to Its Profile
Page 46

Intersecting Art and Anodizing
Page 50

“Potroom Operations” Straight from the Smelter
By Alton Tabereaux
Page 52

TMS 2003 Exhibition Showcase
By Anna Henry and A.I. “Ed” Nussbaum
Page 60

Directory of Secondary Aluminum Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers
Page 69

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