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February 2002


Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World
Primary Aluminum Industry at the Turn of the Year 2001/2002
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 6

The Arabal 2001 Conference in Dubai—Part I
By Andrew Hall
Page 32

Metra’s New Line Has Largest Press in Italy
Page 44

Inert Anodes: Research, Development, and Potential
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 50

New Spanish Aluminum Sheet Mill in Segorbe
By H.E. and R.E. Phipps and Benigo Fraga
Page 56

Magnesium Industry Evolving in China
By Robert E. “Bob” Brown
Page 58

7th Aluminium Cast House Technology Conference
By J.F. Grandfield, CSIRO
Page 62

Past, Present, and Future of Automotive Al Sheet
By Karl-Heinz von Zengen
Page 68

Aluminum Advances at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show
By Isao Nakada, Nalk Corporation
Page 70

Pechiney’s AP50 Reduction Cell
By Claude Vanvoren
Page 72

22nd Design and Fabrication Seminar
By Richard L. Klimisch and Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 74

Development in Magnesium Wrought Products
By Robert E. “Bob” Brown
Page 80

Directory of Aluminum Smelting Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers
Page 84

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