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August 2001


Interior view of OMAV log furnace showing extra burners at the furnace exit that taper heat by overheating the head of the billet to allow isothermal extrusion.


Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 8

The Quest for Optimal Extrusion Billet Heating
By Roger A.P. Fielding and A.J. Bryant
Page 24

Hydro Henderson: Breaking Ground in Recycling
By A.I. “Ed” Nussbaum
Page 38

World Primary and Secondary Magnesium Review
By R.P. Pawlek and R. “Bob” Brown
Page 50

Learning the Extrusion Process Part III
By Cliff Lotzenhiser
Page 58

Aluminum Recycling in Germany: Status and Potential
By G. Rombach and B. Friedrich
Page 66

Mercury Castings: NA’s Only Pressurized Lost Foam Foundry
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 76

Australian Cast Shop Technology Update
By John Grandfield
Page 84

TMS 2001: Cast Shop Technology
By S. Charles Servé
Page 86

TMS 2001: Aluminum Electrolysis Sessions
By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Page 94

58th Annual World Magnesium Conference
By Joseph C. Benedyk
Page 103

Directory of Secondary Aluminum Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers
Page 107

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