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April 1997


Edwards extrusion handling system.


Friction-Assisted Extrusion as an Alternative to the Indirect and Direct Extrusion of Hard Aluminum Alloys
By Vadim L. Berezhnoy
Page 8

Modern Extrusion Handling Systems
By Roger A.P. Fielding
Page 14

Extrusion Plants in South East Asia
By Andrew Hall
Page 34

AMERISA – The First Extrusion Plant in Yucatan, Mexico
By Michael E. Rodriguez
Page 50

4400 MT Extrusion Press at Honsel AG in Soest, Germany
By A.I. “Ed” Nussbaum
Page 54

Japan’s Aluminum Architectural Wonders
Page 70

New Press/Handling System Increases Productivity
Page 74

Directory of Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
Page 75

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