Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive

July 1943 – June 2016

The newly updated Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive is an compendium of over 1,500 extrusion-focused articles, editorial, and news items from the pages of Light Metal Age magazine from July 1943 to June 2016 on a USB drive.

The easily searchable database presents an encyclopedic look at the extrusion industry spanning 74 years, including: the history, process development, technological advancements, market outlooks, new products and applications, and more. Included in this archive is an introductory article by Joseph Benedyk, Editor, LMA, “Review of Past Innovations and Recent Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion Production: From Alloy to Process Development,” summarizing the fascinating evolution of the aluminum extrusion industry. The archive also contains a compilation of historic magazine covers and advertisements. To learn more about what’s offered on this archive, click here.

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