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Air Products


1940 Air Products Blvd
Allentown, PA 18106-5500
Contact Name: Marie Kistler
Phone: (800) 654-4567
Fax: (800) 272-4449
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Air Products is a world-leading industrial gas supplier, serving customers in industrial, technology, and energy markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of gases, equipment, and technology. The company is a leader in providing products and solutions for all phases of aluminum production and recycling, including oxygen-enhanced combustion systems, degassing, molten metal blanketing, extrusion die cooling, annealing, and on-site gas generation. Air Products industry specialists can help you achieve higher productivity and yield while reducing your cost per pound (or kg) of aluminum.

How Air Products Helps Aluminum Producers

Featured Product

Air Product’s Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner , a novel melting technology, uses zonal temperature sensors and flame movement to direct energy preferentially to the aluminum and provide needs-based, sensor-driven, superior spatial and temporal energy distribution in the furnace in order to minimize overheating and aluminum oxidation. The Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner is usually mounted on the furnace roof and typically has four nozzles directed toward four quadrants of the furnace below the burner. Using proprietary control techniques coupled with temperature feedback, the burner can direct heat to any combination of the four quadrants. When installed on a reverb furnace, the Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner helps to:

  • Prevent overheating and non-uniform temperature distribution by delivering heat to where it is needed in the furnace.
  • Prevent oxidation and melt losses by creating a reducing atmosphere near the melt.
  • Minimize NOx generation by lowering flame temperature via staging of fuel and oxygen.

Compared to baseline air–fuel operation, implementation of Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner burner technology can achieve a 48% decrease in specific fuel consumption, 35% improvement in productivity, and 20% reduction in melt loss.

Transient Heating Oxy-Fuel Burner
Transient Heating Oxy-Fuel Burner

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