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Presenting the Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive

Light Metal Age (LMA) magazine is proud to announce that the Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive, a new searchable DVD covering the aluminum extrusion industry, is now available. This comprehensive database includes over 1,000 aluminum extrusion-focused articles, editorial, and news items that appeared in the pages of LMA from July 1943 to June 2012. The archive offers an encyclopedic look at the aluminum extrusion industry, covering everything from process development and technological advancements to plant spotlights, market outlooks, new products and applications, and more.

Also, published on this DVD is an introductory article by Joseph Benedyk, editor, LMA, titled “Review of Past Innovations and Recent Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion: From Alloy to Process Development,” summarizing the fascinating evolution of aluminum extrusion.

Some of the articles you will find on this DVD, include:

  • “The Homogenization of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Billet” is an series of articles that appeared in three parts. Part I, written by A.J. “Bill” Bryant, G.E. Macey, and Roger A.P. Fielding and published April 2002, looks at the impact of homogenizing on AA6xxx alloys and emphasizes the importance of separating the homogenization process from the extrusion process. Part II, written by Bryant, Macey, and Fielding and published in June 2002, covers furnace design principles and the process requirement for the homogenization of alloys other than AA6xxx. Part III, written by Fielding and published April 2009, takes a thorough looks at the continuous homogenization of AA6xxx series alloys.
  • “Extensive Use of Aluminum Extrusions in Unique Dome,” published October 1962, explores the use of extrusions in a conoid-style horticultural conservatory, built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time, the project was the largest glass dome conservatory in the world with three dome skylights, each 140 feet in diameter and 80 feet high.
  • “Double Aging of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy,” by S.V. Emani and P. Nash, published June 2010, focuses on double aging for extrusion to enhance the mechanical properties and accelerate the kinetics of precipitation in aluminum alloy AA7075.
  • “Integrated Computer Aided Extrusion Process Simulation, Die Design/Manufacturing and Management Planning System,” by Yean-Jenq, published June 1998, describes how to use computer simulations to define and determine optimal extrusion process parameters, the methodology of using material predeformation concepts to control material flow during extrusion, the technique of using automatic design and manufacturing to produce continuous and optimal die bearings, and how to use these optimal design parameters to automatically manufacture the design and extrusion.
  • In “TRACO Sets the Jewels in Lady Liberty’s Crown,” an article published in June 1986, the aluminum extrusion company, TRACO, is credited with the manufacture and installation of 25 custom windows in the Statue of Liberty’s crown in New York City, as a part of the $30 million torch-to-toe restoration project.
  • “‘Alooneyum Expruders’ Solve Collapsible Liner Problem” is a humorous article on the aluminum extrusion industry published in December 1956, in which a group of extrusion Geniuses gather together for diner and drinks, and end up discussing a case where the liner of a container collapsed inward during extrusion. The use of marinated billets is recommended among other entertaining suggestions.

Also included on the DVD is a compilation of historic magazine covers featuring aluminum extrusion, as well as and historic advertisements from 1943-1975.

The Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive is available for US$175.00.


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