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Letters of Appreciation

"For decades Light Metal Age has been the most comprehensive and informative resource for the ever-changing global aluminum industry. I have read every issue and save most for future reference. It stands above all other trade and industry publications in quality, relevance and value. We all owe you a great debt."

~ Elwin Rooy, Rooy and Associates


"I have spent a good deal of my life associated with the aluminum industry—initially designing carbon plants for smelters, and subsequently joining Alcan in Australia before then moving to Montreal to work for Alcan International. After many years with Alcan, I decided to return to Australia and establish a modest consultancy continuing my attachment to the industry, as my company name suggests.

During these years I have been an avid reader and subscriber to Light Metal Age, since I have found it to be an important and reliable component of my sources of current information on the industry worldwide. The manner in which the publication is structured to give emphasis to specific topics is just great—and the latest June 2012 edition is an excellent example of that sort of focus, dealing this time with the extrusion sector.

In addition to the up to date technical articles, I also find interesting the concurrent sections on Company News, Contracts and Expansions, and especially the Patent Calendar to be of specific relevance, as it gives information on where R&D work is being focused and by whom. Additionally, the Conference Calendar is of tangible benefit in organizing one’s schedule of possible attendance. Lastly, the section on Personalities is a quick way of keeping abreast of the movements of senior people in the industry.

You have provided a very important service to the industry, and I for one sincerely appreciate the effort you continue to put into that service.

~ Peter Whiteley, Munimula Technology Pty Ltd


"Congratulations at making it to the 70th year. Roy Fellom found a need and filled it in 1943 and you have continued to hold high the banner as the leading light metals publication. The magazine has been widely circulated and has been used as a training tool in many groups who work with the aluminum and magnesium industry. Your recent move to put all of the magnesium articles and papers on CDs was a great one. I have found I can take hours to read through the many happenings over the years. And as Yogi Berra said, sometimes, 'Its Deja Vu all over again.'
Lets hope you will continue to move ahead. I want to personally thank you for our relationship over the past many years. I hope we can continue on for a long time."

~ Robert E. (Bob) Brown, Magnesium Monthly Review


"Happy Birthday Light Metal Age! For 70 years you have remained true to Roy’s dedication printed in your very first issue, fulfilling each and every statement he listed in stellar fashion. Your coverage of our industry and our technologies, our challenges and successes have provided an invaluable service not only to our industry, but to our world, which increasingly relies on aluminum for effective and efficient sustainable solutions. I personally have found LMA a critical source for information, which I rely on regularly both for honing my understanding of our materials and processes and for maintaining a broad perspective. I look forward to each issue, knowing that I’ll find motivation and inspiration in its pages. Thank you for your relentless dedication to our industry!"

~ Craig Werner, Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC


"We are happy to give you our 2012 advertising commitment.  We value your promotion of our company and believe we have increased our 2011 sales because of our increased market presence because of you."

~ David M. Moore, Wahl Refractories


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