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Brazil’s Aluminum Exposition and Congress - Largest in Latin America

The international aluminum exposition, ExpoAlumínio 2014, in line with ALUMINIUM Brazil, will be held concurrently with the 6th International Aluminum Congress and the 12th International Seminar for Aluminum Recycling on April 1-3, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is the largest aluminum industry event in Latin America.

ExpoAlumínio will bring together professionals from all sectors of the aluminum industry including aluminum producers, processors, and consumers; suppliers of raw material; manufacturers of machinery, equipment, and accessories; traders and retailers; and service providers. The event will include the packaging, civil construction, transportation, machinery and equipment, and consumer goods sectors.

The International Aluminum Congress and the International Seminar for Aluminum Recycling will provide forums for debate, presenting the challenges of the sector and adding value and knowledge. The Congress will be a stage for presentations and debates on recent technological innovations in the production of aluminum and on new metal applications, addressing the challenges of the industry in national and international spheres. The Seminar focuses on the aluminum recycling process and highlights the sustainability of the metal in economic, social, and environmental terms. Themes presented during the seminar include:

  • Primary Aluminum — production processes (mining, refining, and smelting) with an emphasis on technological innovation, design, power cost reduction, processing, maintenance, and environmental issues (emissions, disposal of waste, etc.)
  • Castings (DC Casting, Continuous Casting, and Foundry) — alternate production technologies, technological innovations in processes, success cases, molten metal treatments to improve the end quality of products, and problem solving solutions, as well as aspects related to the environment (emissions, disposal of waste, etc), in relation to casting of sheet ingot and extrusion billet, continuous casting of blades and rods, and other casting processes
  • Mechanical Transformation — discussion of hot rolling, extrusion, fabrication of wires and cables, welding, stamping, machining, forging, and impact extrusion with an emphasis on opportunities for gains in efficiency, productivity, and quality, as well as cost reduction, new technologies, or improvement of current technologies
  • Surface Treatment and Corrosion — discussion of theoretical and practical aspects of surface finishing, including anodizing, electroplating, mechanical finish, and application of paints and varnishes, as well as aluminum corrosion, which is closely connected to surface protection processes
  • Sustainable Development — how to meet the current industrial and market needs without causing detriment to the needs of future generations, and conducting businesses in such as way as to take into consideration the economic, environmental, and social dimensions with case study examples of successful management and results
  • Recycling — current status of recycling technology, as well as other aspects related to collection, cost, and availability of aluminum scrap, alternate processes, disposal of residues arising from the scrap remelting process, technological innovation, and success stories
  • Refractories —  ways to strengthen R&D initiativesand technological innovations for extending the working life of the equipment and for reducing maintenance costs
  • Development of New Products — new and important applications have been and continue to be introduced using aluminum, however a broad field still exists for the implementation of new applications using aluminum

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