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1994 to 1992
cover image December 1994
December 1994
Caption: Durr high-rise coil storage system at Star Aluminum.
cover image October 1994
October 1994
Caption: Close-up of prep station area and entry mill conveyor at Logan Aluminum Inc., Russelville, Kentucky.
cover image August 1994
August 1994
Caption: SMS 2-stand tandem cold mill at Mooka, Japan.
cover image June 1994
June 1994
Caption: Flame pattern entering an aluminum smelting rotary furnace (25,000 pounds, 10 million Btu/hr). (Photo courtesy of Air Products and Chemicals Inc.)
cover image April 1994
April 1994
Caption: Large photograph shows dies for extruding large aluminum sections and smaller photograph shows the car body of the Series 3000 Shinkansen under construction.
cover image February 1994
February 1994
Caption: Tapping aluminum on Potline 4, Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (Dubal).
cover image December 1993
December 1993
Caption: Top left: Achenbach 4-high cold mill at Leichtmetall Nachterstedt. Top right: Davy 4-high cold mill at Golden Aluminum, San Antonio, Texas. Lower left: SM3 5-stand tandem hot mill modernization at Alcoa, Davenport. Lower right: MDS 6-high cold mill at Hoogovens Aluminium, Koblenz.
cover image October 1993
October 1993
Caption: From UBCs to can body sheet in one continuous process at Golden Aluminum in San Antonio, Texas.
cover image August 1993
August 1993
Caption: Left to right, top row: Hunter coil coating line at Colorstrip, California. BWG coil coating line at Alcoa, UK. Hunter coil coating line at World Source, Kentucky. Middle row: Herr-Voss tension leveling line at Commonwealth Aluminum, Kentucky. Monarch Stamco tension leveling line at Kaiser, Trentwood. BWG tension leveling line at Alcoa, Warrick. Bottom row: Sundwig coil coating line at Alcan, Germany. Depiereux degreasing and chromating line at VAW, Germany. Bronx coil coating line at Euramax, Holland.
cover image June 1993
June 1993
Caption: Shows a tillable melting furnace that was supplied to the Pechiney plant in Vlissingen, by Thermcon Ovens BV, The Netherlands.
cover image April 1993
April 1993
Caption: Top: Artists rendition of the new 100 MPG, Ethos 2 concept car made by Pininfarina in Italy. Bottom: Photo of the new 6xxx alloy "space frame" made by the Space Frame Development Group of Hydro Aluminium Automotive in Denmark.
cover image February 1993
February 1993
Caption: Aluminium Dunkerque, aerial view. Bottom row: rodding plant, baking furnace, pot. (Photos courtesy of Marine Communication Dunkerque.)
cover image December 1992
December 1992
Caption: Inspection of prebake cell at Hydro Aluminium, Karmoy, Norway.
cover image October 1992
October 1992
Caption: Low NOx regenerative burners installed on a sidewell charged aluminum melting furnace at Nichols-Homeshield, Davenport, Iowa.
cover image August 1992
August 1992
Caption: Forging presses and equipment shown from top left, row 1: Mesta 50,000 ton forging press at Alcoa; Novo-Kramatorsk 72,000 ton forging press at Interforge; United 35,000 ton forging press at Alcoa. 2nd row: Loewy 50,000 ton forging press at Wyman-Gordon; Wagner Dortmund ring-rolling mill at Schlosser; Loewy 35,000 ton forging press at Wyman-Gordon. 3rd row: JSW 28,000 ton forging press at Shultz Steel; GFM radial forging machine at RMI Titanium; Siempelkamp 22,000 ton forging press at Otto Fuchs. Boltom row: Pahnke 12,000 ton forging press at Weber Metals; Mesta-Pahnke 38,000 ton forging press at Weber Metals and Weingarten screw press at Westinghouse.
cover image June 1992
June 1992
Caption: Foil slitting line at Star Aluminium Company, Bridgnorth, England.
cover image April 1992
April 1992
Caption: Starting in the upper left hand corner: SMS 2750 ton press, Clecim 3300 ton press, SMS Hasenclever 2800 ton press, Mitsui-Wean 2000 ton press, Fielding 1800 ton press, Danieli-Breda 2200 ton Revolver press, Mannesmann Demag 2750 ton press, R. L. Best 2500 ton extrusion press, Ube 1800 ton press, Granco-Clark extrusion handling system, Belco extrusion handling system, Edwards extrusion handling system.
cover image February 1992
February 1992
Caption: Casthouse operator Ford McNatt, a 46-year veteran of Reynolds Metal Company, inspects EMC ingots at the company's new Alloys Plant casthouse in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.