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1993 to 1991
cover image December 1993
December 1993
Caption: Top left: Achenbach 4-high cold mill at Leichtmetall Nachterstedt. Top right: Davy 4-high cold mill at Golden Aluminum, San Antonio, Texas. Lower left: SM3 5-stand tandem hot mill modernization at Alcoa, Davenport. Lower right: MDS 6-high cold mill at Hoogovens Aluminium, Koblenz.
cover image October 1993
October 1993
Caption: From UBCs to can body sheet in one continuous process at Golden Aluminum in San Antonio, Texas.
cover image August 1993
August 1993
Caption: Left to right, top row: Hunter coil coating line at Colorstrip, California. BWG coil coating line at Alcoa, UK. Hunter coil coating line at World Source, Kentucky. Middle row: Herr-Voss tension leveling line at Commonwealth Aluminum, Kentucky. Monarch Stamco tension leveling line at Kaiser, Trentwood. BWG tension leveling line at Alcoa, Warrick. Bottom row: Sundwig coil coating line at Alcan, Germany. Depiereux degreasing and chromating line at VAW, Germany. Bronx coil coating line at Euramax, Holland.
cover image June 1993
June 1993
Caption: Shows a tillable melting furnace that was supplied to the Pechiney plant in Vlissingen, by Thermcon Ovens BV, The Netherlands.
cover image April 1993
April 1993
Caption: Top: Artists rendition of the new 100 MPG, Ethos 2 concept car made by Pininfarina in Italy. Bottom: Photo of the new 6xxx alloy "space frame" made by the Space Frame Development Group of Hydro Aluminium Automotive in Denmark.
cover image February 1993
February 1993
Caption: Aluminium Dunkerque, aerial view. Bottom row: rodding plant, baking furnace, pot. (Photos courtesy of Marine Communication Dunkerque.)
cover image December 1992
December 1992
Caption: Inspection of prebake cell at Hydro Aluminium, Karmoy, Norway.
cover image October 1992
October 1992
Caption: Low NOx regenerative burners installed on a sidewell charged aluminum melting furnace at Nichols-Homeshield, Davenport, Iowa.
cover image August 1992
August 1992
Caption: Forging presses and equipment shown from top left, row 1: Mesta 50,000 ton forging press at Alcoa; Novo-Kramatorsk 72,000 ton forging press at Interforge; United 35,000 ton forging press at Alcoa. 2nd row: Loewy 50,000 ton forging press at Wyman-Gordon; Wagner Dortmund ring-rolling mill at Schlosser; Loewy 35,000 ton forging press at Wyman-Gordon. 3rd row: JSW 28,000 ton forging press at Shultz Steel; GFM radial forging machine at RMI Titanium; Siempelkamp 22,000 ton forging press at Otto Fuchs. Boltom row: Pahnke 12,000 ton forging press at Weber Metals; Mesta-Pahnke 38,000 ton forging press at Weber Metals and Weingarten screw press at Westinghouse.
cover image June 1992
June 1992
Caption: Foil slitting line at Star Aluminium Company, Bridgnorth, England.
cover image April 1992
April 1992
Caption: Starting in the upper left hand corner: SMS 2750 ton press, Clecim 3300 ton press, SMS Hasenclever 2800 ton press, Mitsui-Wean 2000 ton press, Fielding 1800 ton press, Danieli-Breda 2200 ton Revolver press, Mannesmann Demag 2750 ton press, R. L. Best 2500 ton extrusion press, Ube 1800 ton press, Granco-Clark extrusion handling system, Belco extrusion handling system, Edwards extrusion handling system.
cover image February 1992
February 1992
Caption: Casthouse operator Ford McNatt, a 46-year veteran of Reynolds Metal Company, inspects EMC ingots at the company's new Alloys Plant casthouse in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
cover image December 1991
December 1991
Caption: The cover shows the cooling bed for hot bars after the final rolling at Teledyne ALLVAC'S new mill in Richburg, South Carolina. Cooling is achieved by forced air, water quenching or slow cooling as directed by the computer.
cover image October 1991
October 1991
Caption: Unique 8,000 lb/hr Neco melting furnace located in Foley, Alabama.
cover image August 1991
August 1991
Caption: A product inspector at Reynolds Metals Company's alloys plant near Sheffield, Alabama, examines giant coils of aluminum that will be fabricated into recyclable aluminum beverage cans.
cover image June 1991
June 1991
Caption: The operator in the photo is checking the monitor of the environmental control system at Norsk Hydro Magnesium's Becancour, Quebec facility.
cover image April 1991
April 1991
Caption: Starting in the upper left hand corner, reading left to right, process sequence from casting to finished foil is shown as follows: GKI furnace and casting plant, Seco/Warwick tilting holding furnace, Gautschi D.C. slab casting machine, Lauener thin-slab continuous caster, Hunter continuous sheet caster, Ingersoll slab scalper, Ebner slab heating furnace, SMS single-stand hot rolling mill, Davy McKee tandem hot rolling mill, Hitachi cold rolling mill, Achenbach foil mills, Kampf foil annealing/coating line.
cover image February 1991
February 1991
Caption: The 1800 ton "Revolver" press installed at the Metal Works in Frosinone, Italy has reduced press downtimes for billet charging by a more efficient working cycle.