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1996 to 1994
cover image December 1996
December 1996
Caption: The world's first 4-Hi, twin roll, "fastcast" thin strip casting machine made by Kvaener Davy. The "fastcast" pictured is localed in Granges Eurofoil's Luxembourg facility.
cover image October 1996
October 1996
Caption: The frame pictured is an advanced engineering prototype formed by Retrogression Heat Treatment (RHT) technology, for a future sports utility vehicle in concept stage at Ford. The photo was shot at Alumax Transportation's contract prototype shop and laboratory in Detroit. The lab is owned by Dusevoirs Metals.
cover image August 1996
August 1996
Caption: Pig iron melting at the anode rodding shop, designed by ECL, at ALUSAF Hillside Smelter.
cover image June 1996
June 1996
Caption: An assortment of state-of-the-art semi-solid forged aluminum automotive components superimposed upon the characteristic nondendritic, spherical SSF microstructure. Semi-solid forgings offer superior properties with near net shape capabilities and have applications in pressure containment vessels, fuel delivery manifolds and load bearing structural components.
cover image April 1996
April 1996
Caption: This ET '96 commemorative cover illustrates a creative use of aluminum in packaging using a holographic image, by CFC Applied Holographies, Illinois.
cover image February 1996
February 1996
Caption: Molten aluminum is poured into a mold at Kaiser Aluminum's Mead, Washington, smelter.
cover image January 1996
January 1996
Caption: Vertical paintline at Anodizing Inc., in Portland, Oregon.
cover image December 1995
December 1995
Caption: Hot-rolled coils leaving four-stand 4-high finishing section of SMS hot rolling mill at Aluminium Norf, Neuss. Germany.
cover image October 1995
October 1995
Caption: Aerial shot of the F-22 fighter jet, which soars into action with several innovative titanium applications.
cover image August 1995
August 1995
Caption: Background: Samples of production variety of aluminum profiles at Josef Gartner & Company, Gundelfingen, Germany. Inset: Spaceframe production at Hydro Aluminium Automotive Structures in Denmark.
cover image June 1995
June 1995
Caption: Typical EM-cast sheet ingot at Kaiser Trentwood Works, Washington.
cover image April 1995
April 1995
Caption: A l0-roll high precision tube straightener made by Wyko Equipment, of Dudley, West Midlands, England, installed at VAW in Florida.
cover image February 1995
February 1995
Caption: Aerial smelter views, front cover (top to bottom): ALUSAF Hillside Smelter, Richards Bay, South Africa (Bayside smelter is visible at the top of the photo), Tomago Aluminium Company Smelter, Tomago, NSW, Australia, Columbia Falls Aluminium Smelter, Columbia Falls, Montana, USA. Front inside cover page (top to bottom): L'Usine GrandBaie, Port Alfred, Quebec, Aluminium Dunkerque SA Smelter, Gravelinesur- Loon-Plage, near Dunkirk, France, P.T. Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM), Kuala Tanjung (North Sumatra), Indonesia, New Zealand Aluminium Smelter (NZAS) Tiwai Point, New Zealand.
cover image December 1994
December 1994
Caption: Durr high-rise coil storage system at Star Aluminum.
cover image October 1994
October 1994
Caption: Close-up of prep station area and entry mill conveyor at Logan Aluminum Inc., Russelville, Kentucky.
cover image August 1994
August 1994
Caption: SMS 2-stand tandem cold mill at Mooka, Japan.
cover image June 1994
June 1994
Caption: Flame pattern entering an aluminum smelting rotary furnace (25,000 pounds, 10 million Btu/hr). (Photo courtesy of Air Products and Chemicals Inc.)
cover image April 1994
April 1994
Caption: Large photograph shows dies for extruding large aluminum sections and smaller photograph shows the car body of the Series 3000 Shinkansen under construction.
cover image February 1994
February 1994
Caption: Tapping aluminum on Potline 4, Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (Dubal).