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2000 to 1998
cover image December 2000
December 2000
Caption: Danieli's 6-high 3C cold rolling mill.
cover image October 2000
October 2000
Caption: Steve Saleen, president of Saleen, Inc., Irvine, California, with the Saleen 57, which uses aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and beryllium in its suspension system, engine, brakes, wheels, etc.
cover image August 2000
August 2000
Caption: No caption.
cover image June 2000
June 2000
Caption: Liquid crystal film is a thermochromic material with tremendous potential for industrial applications.
cover image April 2000
April 2000
Caption: New potline at Dubal smelter.
cover image February 2000
February 2000
Caption: 3,600 ton UBE extrusion press at Universal Molding Extrusion Company (UMEX) in Downey, California.
cover image December 1999
December 1999
Caption: Sparks are abundant when the grinding wheel of a backup roll grinder meets the roll in the roughing process of the roll grinding cycle. (Photo courtesy of Capco Machinery Systems, Inc.)
cover image October 1999
October 1999
Caption: Alucore honeycomb sandwich panels for use in car body design.
cover image August 1999
August 1999
Caption: Molten aluminum from the tilting rotary furnace being poured into sow molds at Resource Recycling Industries in West Virginia.
cover image June 1999
June 1999
Caption: The largest U.S. producer of magnesium, Magcorp's Rowley plant (center photo), is located on the western shore of the Great Salt in Utah. Concentrating the brine by converting the water from the Great Salt Lake in solar evaporation ponds (back drop) is the first step in their magnesium production process. One of their final semi-fabricated products (pictured center, botom) is round magnesium ingots.
cover image April 1999
April 1999
Caption: Boralyn extruded gears and panels fabricated and finished at Alyn Corporation, Irvine, California.
cover image February 1999
February 1999
Caption: World map of primary aluminum smelters. This map is available from Altech JHM ltd. Lynghals 10, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland. Tel: (354) 5252 300. Fax: (354) 5252 319. The dimensions are 39" x 26fl • e-mail:
cover image December 1998
December 1998
Caption: Rotary wire rod casting machine at Hydro Aluminium Karmoy in Norway.
cover image October 1998
October 1998
Caption: Products manufactured at Hydro Raufoss Automotive extrusion plant in Holland, MI, including seat structures and bumper reinforcement systems.
cover image August 1998
August 1998
Caption: A view of the puller-saw unit from Keymark, Florida's new 2,000 ton GIA extrusion press and automated handling system. In the background, the die manager checks for tolerances.
cover image June 1998
June 1998
Caption: Extruded aluminum sections, Tachibana Industries Company, Ltd. Tachibana has just added their 5th extrusion press which is a 9" (2,750T) short stroke UBE press.
cover image April 1998
April 1998
Caption: Alexco's new heat treat furnace for processing small press aerospace extrusions (located in Chandler, Arizona) is a pleasant surpise. After two months of operation the designed capacity of 800,000 lbs. per month has been revised to well over one million pounds per month," said Robert Fraley, president and ceo. He's pictured in the middle with son, Perry Fraley, left and Bob Jackson, right.
cover image February 1998
February 1998
Caption: Iceland's two smelters: Top: New greenfield smelter Nordural at Grundtartangi. Below: ISAL at Straumsvik. Left: Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, dramatic in its setting of mountains and sea. It is a city of 100,000 people, the largest in Iceland.