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2003 to 2001
cover image December 2003
December 2003
Caption: With the addition of three state-of-the-art Achenbach foil mills, Xiashun Aluminum Foil Company in China is not only the biggest independent foil producer in Asia, but is now one of the leading manufacturers of light-gauge aluminum foil in the world.
cover image October 2003
October 2003
Caption: In Mideast Aluminum's Quality Control Laboratory, Lori Perch, N.P. Mfg. engineer, uses a coordinating measurement machine to test tolerances on extruded rails that fit into a headliner for the 2004 Ford Fl50 light vehicle. Jeny Dering, Die Corrector, is in the background.
cover image August 2003
August 2003
Caption: Recycling photo montage shows the way from scrap via melting to produce castings. (Photo courtesy of VAR-Verband der Aluminiumrecycling-lndustrie, Germany.)
cover image June 2003
June 2003
Caption: Transport unit inside US Magnesium's cell building in Rowley, Utah, where thirty new-design monopolar diaphragmless electrolytic cells were installed as part of a five year modernization plan (photo by Trevor Muhler).
cover image April 2003
April 2003
Caption: Operators packing extrusions on an Emmebi automated packing system at Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia SpA plant in Gordona (SO). Italy Close-up: making of sub-bundles.Background: formation of master-bundles. Maria Grazia Gini looking forward. Davide Guggieri with his back to the camera and Martino Fogliada and Alberto Palma in the background.
cover image February 2003
February 2003
Caption: Workers at Mozal Smelter in Mozambique constructing a second green anode plant.
cover image December 2002
December 2002
Caption: Foil compression line at the Armenal rolling plant in Yerevan, Armenia. After undergoing upgrades which included retrofitting the roughing mills with new automatic flatness and gauge control systems, Armenal has increased production to 2,755 tons of foil and 551 tons of cold rolled product from January to September 2002.
cover image October 2002
October 2002
Caption: The Jaguar XJ sedan is the first volume production vehicle manufactured predominantly of aluminum sheet. Alcan's Aluminum Vehicle Technology (AVT) was used to design this stamped sheet structure.
cover image August 2002
August 2002
Caption: One hundred-ton capacity melting furnace at largest UBC recycling facility in the world at Alcan, Berea, Kentucky.
cover image June 2002
June 2002
Caption: Keith Ginter, plant supervisor, removing extrusions from heat treat oven at Whitehall Industries in Ludington, Michigan.
cover image April 2002
April 2002
Caption: The Hoberman Arch, a semicircular aluminum structure backed with translucent panels, brilliantly illuminated the Olympic Medals Plaza at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Towering over the stage at 35' tall and 70' in diameter, the retracting geodesic structure opened the nightly medals ceremony. The main beam in each of the 96 moving panels was a 6061-T6 extruded square tube with a 4"x 4" x 1/4" wall section.
cover image February 2002
February 2002
Caption: No caption.
cover image December 2001
December 2001
Caption: Ormet's Hannibal Rolling Mill transforms the image of its coil. Read how Hannibal improved operations in order to achieve record volume sales in 2001.
cover image October 2001
October 2001
Caption: World's largest commercially available vacuum furnace installed at Solar Atmospheres in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, manufacturedby VFS. The furnace is 24' long x 84" in diameter and has load capacity of up to 50,000 lbs. Solar Atmospheres does vacuum heat treating for the aerospace, nuclear, medical, and automotive industries. The newly opened Hermitage plant is the company's second facility. The furnace boasts cooling rates exceeding anything ever achieved by a vacuum furnace. The size and precise temperature processing capabilities of the new furnace offer new possibilitiesfor design and manufacture in the titanium industry.
cover image August 2001
August 2001
Caption: Interior view of OMAV log furnace showing extra burners at the furnace exit that taper heat by overheating the head of the billet to allow isothermal extrusion.
cover image June 2001
June 2001
Caption: American Rim Supply three piece aluminum wheel using Ormet semi-solid technology.
cover image April 2001
April 2001
Caption: Birds-eye view through a SwirlKool extrusion press container looking at a CNC boring mill.
cover image February 2001
February 2001
Caption: Tapping metal from Aluminium Bahrain's reduction line 4. (Photo courtesy of Alba.)