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2005 to 2003
cover image December 2005
December 2005
Caption: One of ten rolling mill housings weighing 190,000 lbs., machined on Butech Bliss’s 14’ planer mill at the company's 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Salem, Ohio. Butech will ship the entire five stand hot aluminum rolling mill to a customer in Asia by mid-2006.
cover image October 2005
October 2005
Caption: Jaguar's advanced lightweight coupe concept car (pictured) led to the production model of the all-new 2007 Jaguar XK. (Photo courtesy Bruce Benedict.)
cover image August 2005
August 2005
Caption: New runout table with puller and puller-saw at Crown Extrusions based in Chaska, Minnesota.
cover image June 2005
June 2005
Caption: An operator gets set to change an extrusion die on one of the four presses at the Indalex Mississauga plant near Toronto, Canada.
cover image April 2005
April 2005
Caption: A vast array of aluminum extrusion profiles indicates the creativity of die designers as well as the endless possibilities inherent in the aluminum extrusion process. Photo taken by Luigi Ingraldi of Compes, International.
cover image February 2005
February 2005
Caption: The Kurri Kurri smelter in New South Wales in Australia underwent significant upgrades in 2004 which will continue into 2005.
cover image December 2004
December 2004
Caption: Close up of a 5,000 lb coil of AA3105 aluminum alloy coil. (Photographer: John Peterman.)
cover image October 2004
October 2004
Caption: Earle Canavan of the Magnesium Automotive Group wants to achieve 90-95% magnesium content in his prototype Kaiser Darrin car. Shown is the complete body stamping with cast magnesium parts, from top going clockwise. including: master cylinder, connecting rod, piston, water pump, engine girdle, wheel, large chassis casting (not pictured), and differential.
cover image August 2004
August 2004
Caption: UBC briquettes outside Nemak's plant in Monterrey, Mexico. (Photographer: John Peterman, courtesy Gillespie & Powers.)
cover image June 2004
June 2004
Caption: Butech designed the container housing for the 16,200-ton extrusion press at Universal Alloy in Canton, Georgia to withstand the maximum 16,200-ton extrusion force, 2000 tons of sealing force, and 500 tons of butt shear force.
cover image April 2004
April 2004
Caption: Phase III of the New Sunndal smelter project will see completion of a new 340 cell potline by the fourth quarter of 2004.
cover image February 2004
February 2004
Caption: The striking image of extrusions reaching towards the sky captures the expansive spirit of exuberance as extruders prepare for Extrusion Technology 2004, May 18-21 in Orlando, Florida. (Courtesy of Hydro Aluminum North America.)
cover image December 2003
December 2003
Caption: With the addition of three state-of-the-art Achenbach foil mills, Xiashun Aluminum Foil Company in China is not only the biggest independent foil producer in Asia, but is now one of the leading manufacturers of light-gauge aluminum foil in the world.
cover image October 2003
October 2003
Caption: In Mideast Aluminum's Quality Control Laboratory, Lori Perch, N.P. Mfg. engineer, uses a coordinating measurement machine to test tolerances on extruded rails that fit into a headliner for the 2004 Ford Fl50 light vehicle. Jeny Dering, Die Corrector, is in the background.
cover image August 2003
August 2003
Caption: Recycling photo montage shows the way from scrap via melting to produce castings. (Photo courtesy of VAR-Verband der Aluminiumrecycling-lndustrie, Germany.)
cover image June 2003
June 2003
Caption: Transport unit inside US Magnesium's cell building in Rowley, Utah, where thirty new-design monopolar diaphragmless electrolytic cells were installed as part of a five year modernization plan (photo by Trevor Muhler).
cover image April 2003
April 2003
Caption: Operators packing extrusions on an Emmebi automated packing system at Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia SpA plant in Gordona (SO). Italy Close-up: making of sub-bundles.Background: formation of master-bundles. Maria Grazia Gini looking forward. Davide Guggieri with his back to the camera and Martino Fogliada and Alberto Palma in the background.
cover image February 2003
February 2003
Caption: Workers at Mozal Smelter in Mozambique constructing a second green anode plant.