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cover image December 2008
December 2008
Caption: From rolled sheet to valuable recycled content, used beverage cans (UBCs) are a major source of supply for the U.S. aluminum industry. However, too many UBCs have ended up in landfill as the current U.S. recycling rate of 54% attests. Due to the culmination of industry wide efforts, which include new technology to extract UBCs before they become part of the waste stream, The Aluminum Association has now, with confidence, announced a new target goal of 75% by 2015.
cover image October 2008
October 2008
Caption: Photo shows the Tesla Roadster, designed by Tesla Motors Inc. The Roadster features an aluminum extruded chassis, and the company’s new Model S will carry even more aluminum. (Printed with permission, courtesy of Tesla Motors Inc.)
cover image August 2008
August 2008
Caption: Photo shows a common and daily practice of removing dross from an aluminum melting furnace by means of skimming with a forklift operated cleaning rake. Location: Jackson, Tennessee. (Photographer: John Peterman.)
cover image June 2008
June 2008
Caption: Quality control check at exit of recently rebuilt press #9, a 5,700 ton indirect press, at the Cressona extrusion operation in Pennsylvania. Cressona is one of 11 plants in the U.S., many of which are undergoing upgrades, that are now part of Sapa North American Extrusions, Inc. Sapa’s new entry into the domestic market is shifting the landscape of the North American extrusion industry.
cover image April 2008
April 2008
Caption: Australian shipbuilder Austal is the designer and builder of the 127-meter aluminum seaframe for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), which is being built at the company’s U.S. shipyard in Mobile, Alabama.
cover image February 2008
February 2008
Caption: This simulation image shows the load (effective stress) on the mandrel of an aluminum extrusion die. The mandrel’s weak points are clearly shown. This is one of the simulations that Compes Italy created in an effort to optimize leg design on a port-hole die that ultimately led to the Compes Blade Die design. The software used for the simulation is QForm 3D. This issue features a review of the Extrusion Workshop and 2nd Extrusion Benchmark in Bologna, Italy in September. Leg shape in die design was one of the topics covered in the Benchmark portion of the workshop in which Compes participated.
cover image December 2007
December 2007
Caption: Coiled aluminum sheet from the hot mill awaiting further reduction on the cold mill at Koenig & Vits in Wisconsin.
cover image October 2007
October 2007
Caption: The latest Shinkansen Series N700 train “Nozomi” features lightweight aluminum construction. (Photo courtesy JR Central)
cover image August 2007
August 2007
Caption: View of the mouth of the new Ube press and Cometal puller at Frontier Aluminum in Corona, California. Frontier recently expanded their existing facilities in California and constructed a new anodizing plant in Mexico. With Italian handling equipment built in China and a Chinese anodizing line, assembled in Mexico, Frontier has found a successful strategy to compete globally.
cover image June 2007
June 2007
Caption: Inside Elixir Industries’ new facility in Douglas, Georgia, AlumiCore side rails are ready to undergo five successive bending operations prior to aging. Further value-added processing completes Elixir’s manufacture of the platform frame for the Club Car’s Precedent golf cart
cover image April 2007
April 2007
Caption: Image of a 3-D solid model of an extrusion main cylinder and main cylinder housing (ram is shown in blue). Precisely sized models allow for pre-manufacture visualization of mating parts, virtual assembly of planned components, FEA, and stress analysis. In the hands of a capable engineer, 3-D modeling represents the next step forward in the modern extrusion design process. (Image courtesy of Butech Bliss.)
cover image February 2007
February 2007
Caption: New fully equipped Wagstaff casting pit at Krasnoyarsk for production of 12 meter long slabs. The newly modernized casting complex is the largest in Russia and the CIS for aluminum rolling slabs.
cover image December 2006
December 2006
Caption: RUSAL Armenal recently completed a $70+ million modernization of its rolling mill in Yerevan, Armenia. This included six aluminum foil rolling mills (one pictured here) and one strip rolling mill as well as their associated auxiliary systems all supplied by Achenbach Buschhütten of Germany.
cover image October 2006
October 2006
Caption: Aura® Color Infusion Technology from Bayer Material Science LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania produces aluminum wheels with metallic surfaces that can be custom-colored.
cover image August 2006
August 2006
Caption: Aluminum extrusion destacker, made by Granco Clark and located at Indalex in Connersville, Indiana, minimizes profile handling after aging.
cover image June 2006
June 2006
Caption: New melting and casting units are being commissioned at SUAL’s Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Plant (KUMZ) in Russia. The company invested RUB 133 million in modernizing its foundry operation. Each unit includes a ladle metallurgy facility, a hydraulic casting machine with a capacity of 45 tonnes, and advanced equipment for casting rolling ingots and extrusion billets.
cover image April 2006
April 2006
Caption: Kam Kiu Aluminium Extrusion Co. Ltd in Guangdong province is ranked among the largest extrusion companies in China with an extrusion capacity of 150,000 mt per year.
cover image February 2006
February 2006
Caption: With the completion of its Phase II expansion, Aluminerie Alouette Inc. in Quebec, Canada has increased its primary aluminum capacity to 550,000 tpy.