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1950 to 1948
cover image December 1950
December 1950
Caption: Deep drawing aluminum barrel half in 500 ton press at Benson Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo.
cover image October 1950
October 1950
Caption: Milium, the new aluminum sprayed material described in this issue, rolling from the processing machine at the Deering, Milliken & Co. plant.
cover image August 1950
August 1950
Caption: Trimming a precision casting for aircraft cabin pressure regulator. (Photo courtesy of AiResearch Manufacturing Company, Los Angeles.)
cover image June 1950
June 1950
Caption: Aluminum ingots lowered into the preheating oven at Alcoa's rolling mill at Davenport, Iowa. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Company of America.)
cover image April 1950
April 1950
Caption: Aluminum ingot harvest. (Photo courtesy of Reynolds Metal Co.)
cover image February 1950
February 1950
Caption: Navy and Marine Memorial, Washington, D.C., an example of the decorative use of cast aluminum.
cover image December 1949
December 1949
Caption: No caption.
cover image October 1949
October 1949
Caption: Spinning light metals at Douglas Aircraft.
cover image August 1949
August 1949
Caption: Rolling aluminum foil at Aluminum Company of America, Pittsburgh.
cover image June 1949
June 1949
Caption: Heliarc welding a magnesium air scoop for a Northrop aeroplane.
cover image April 1949
April 1949
Caption: One man easily handles this huge magnesium cleat while it is being ground, preparatory to cleaning, in the finishing department of Morley Magnesium Foundry. (Photo courtesy W. J. Granberg.)
cover image December 1948
December 1948
Caption: Aluminum billet starts on the long journey to become a sheet. Photo courtesy Reynolds Metals Co.
cover image October 1948
October 1948
Caption: Removing an aluminum permanent mold casting from mold. (Photo courtesy of Aluminum Company of America.)
cover image August 1948
August 1948
Caption: Load of aluminum channel sections about to be lowered into H.T. chamber. (Photo courtesy Reynolds Metals Co.)
cover image June 1948
June 1948
Caption: Tiny Tim rocket developed at Inyokern Naval Ordnance Station. Aluminum is the principal metal for the casing estimated at from 350 to 400 pounds.
cover image April 1948
April 1948
Caption: Shows the welding of thick aluminum plate at Battelle Institute, Columbus, Ohio.
cover image February 1948
February 1948
Caption: Shows the cleaning of the statue of Eros-a figure made of aluminum that has been in London for many years.