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1952 to 1950
cover image December 1952
December 1952
Caption: This dramatic photograph shows aluminum foil being rolled at an Aluminum Company of America plant. Use of the foil is made in such widespread fields as agriculture, medicine, and the housewife's kitchen.
cover image October 1952
October 1952
Caption: Hot rolled aluminum strip moves along run out table to coiler in Davenport, Louisiana, works of Aluminum Company of America. Coiled aluminum sheet is shown at right.
cover image August 1952
August 1952
Caption: A giant Bullard Cut Master vertical turret lathe shown at the Ryan Aeronautical Company, San Diego, California, mills a section of an aluminum aircraft fuel tank. The machine weighs 32 tons and is 13 ft. high. Metal sections measuring from one-half inch to just under 7 ft. in height can be handled.
cover image June 1952
June 1952
Caption: Pouring aluminum "Pig" from a crucible at Reynolds Metals Company's giant new $80-million aluminum reduction plant near Corpus Christi, Texas.
cover image April 1952
April 1952
Caption: Longitudinal seams of one of the world's largest aluminum alloy aircraft drop tanks in production are spot welded with an Automatic Heliarc Machine at the Ryan Aeronautical Company in San Diego, California.
cover image February 1952
February 1952
Caption: Magnesium castings of wheel hubs for the B-47 Jet Bomber, are being machined at the Pryor Manufacturing Company, Mansfield, Ohio.
cover image December 1951
December 1951
Caption: Seam welding a flange joint of aluminum. (Photo courtesy of Aluminum Company of America.)
cover image October 1951
October 1951
Caption: Machining aluminum tire matrix. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum, Inc.)
cover image August 1951
August 1951
Caption: Tapping aluminum furnace. (Photo courtesy Reynolds Metals Co.)
cover image June 1951
June 1951
Caption: Precision-grinding aluminum alloy piston for Model "G" Enterprise Diesel Engine. Aluminum pistons give greater H.P. with the same bore and stroke than heavier metals.
cover image April 1951
April 1951
Caption: Pouring 1,000 lb. aluminum "Pigs" at Kaiser Aluminum's Mead plant.
cover image February 1951
February 1951
Caption: Machining magnesium bomber wheel at the B. F. Goodrich Co.
cover image December 1950
December 1950
Caption: Deep drawing aluminum barrel half in 500 ton press at Benson Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo.
cover image October 1950
October 1950
Caption: Milium, the new aluminum sprayed material described in this issue, rolling from the processing machine at the Deering, Milliken & Co. plant.
cover image August 1950
August 1950
Caption: Trimming a precision casting for aircraft cabin pressure regulator. (Photo courtesy of AiResearch Manufacturing Company, Los Angeles.)
cover image June 1950
June 1950
Caption: Aluminum ingots lowered into the preheating oven at Alcoa's rolling mill at Davenport, Iowa. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Company of America.)
cover image April 1950
April 1950
Caption: Aluminum ingot harvest. (Photo courtesy of Reynolds Metal Co.)
cover image February 1950
February 1950
Caption: Navy and Marine Memorial, Washington, D.C., an example of the decorative use of cast aluminum.