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1954 to 1952
cover image December 1954
December 1954
Caption: Extruded aluminum pipe just emerging from a 4000-ton hydraulic extrusion press at the Lafayette, Indiana, Works, Aluminum Company of America.
cover image October 1954
October 1954
Caption: Fabricating bin nests from Kaiser Aluminum.
cover image August 1954
August 1954
Caption: Aluminum rings being inert gas welded at Ryan Aircraft Co.
cover image June 1954
June 1954
Caption: Workman buffing an aluminum panel.
cover image April 1954
April 1954
Caption: Reynolds Metals Co. workmen tying huge rolls of aluminum sheet.
cover image February 1954
February 1954
Caption: At Great Falls, Montana, mill of Anaconda Wire & Cable Company, a machine cables stranded aluminum steel-reinforced conductor.
cover image December 1953
December 1953
Caption: The sign of the cross appears in this picture of a welder using inert gas arc welding in the fabricating of aluminum truck bodies at the plant of Masin and Kriz, Inc., at Englewood, New Jersey. It is estimated that the use of this welding method cut labor costs on the job by 50 percent.
cover image October 1953
October 1953
Caption: Convair's XF2Y-l, Sea Dart, experimental delta-winged jet fighter seaplane is poised on its hydro-skids after test flights in San Diego, California. Today's light metals have played an important part in making this atomic age aircraft possible.
cover image August 1953
August 1953
Caption: Stripped for shipment, Sikorsky helicopter is pulled into cargo compartment of C-124 Globemaster. The S-55 is almost entirely fabricated from magnesium sheet, has 100 magnesium castings.
cover image June 1953
June 1953
Caption: Magnesium is the key metal in the fabrication of this rocket-propelled free-flight rocket produced at the National Advisory Commitee for Aeronautics at Wallops Island (Virginia) Field Station.
cover image April 1953
April 1953
Caption: Aluminum and magnesium play an important role in the fabrication of this ulta-modern aircraft-the first tamden-rotor helicopter to be licensed by the CAA for commercial use. It was manufactured by McCulloch Motors Aircraft Division.
cover image February 1953
February 1953
Caption: Ninety-nine percent pure magnesium ingots are prepared for shipping from the government-owned Manteca, California magnesium plant operated by the Kaiser Magnesium Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation.
cover image December 1952
December 1952
Caption: This dramatic photograph shows aluminum foil being rolled at an Aluminum Company of America plant. Use of the foil is made in such widespread fields as agriculture, medicine, and the housewife's kitchen.
cover image October 1952
October 1952
Caption: Hot rolled aluminum strip moves along run out table to coiler in Davenport, Louisiana, works of Aluminum Company of America. Coiled aluminum sheet is shown at right.
cover image August 1952
August 1952
Caption: A giant Bullard Cut Master vertical turret lathe shown at the Ryan Aeronautical Company, San Diego, California, mills a section of an aluminum aircraft fuel tank. The machine weighs 32 tons and is 13 ft. high. Metal sections measuring from one-half inch to just under 7 ft. in height can be handled.
cover image June 1952
June 1952
Caption: Pouring aluminum "Pig" from a crucible at Reynolds Metals Company's giant new $80-million aluminum reduction plant near Corpus Christi, Texas.
cover image April 1952
April 1952
Caption: Longitudinal seams of one of the world's largest aluminum alloy aircraft drop tanks in production are spot welded with an Automatic Heliarc Machine at the Ryan Aeronautical Company in San Diego, California.
cover image February 1952
February 1952
Caption: Magnesium castings of wheel hubs for the B-47 Jet Bomber, are being machined at the Pryor Manufacturing Company, Mansfield, Ohio.