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1958 to 1956
cover image December 1958
December 1958
Caption: No caption.
cover image October 1958
October 1958
Caption: Pouring aluminum pig. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum.)
cover image August 1958
August 1958
Caption: This is believed to be the largest aluminum ring ever rolled. O.D. is 11.5 inches. I.D. 103.5 inches. It is 1.5 inches thick and of 6061-T6 alloy. Rolled by Standard Steel Works Div. Baldwin Lima Hamilton at Burnham, Pennsylvania.
cover image June 1958
June 1958
Caption: A worker at Ormet Corp. aluminum reduction plant breaks the crust of solidified electrolyte in reduction pot in order to add more alumina. One potline totaling 168 pots is now in production producing 100 tons of aluminum per day.
cover image April 1958
April 1958
Caption: Aluminum ingots being readied for rolling at Kaiser Aluminum's Mead plant.
cover image February 1958
February 1958
Caption: Heliwelding aluminum sections by means of a special fixture on the Titan ICBM at Martin Aircraft Company, Denver Colorado. (Photo courtesy Air Reduction Company.)
cover image December 1957
December 1957
Caption: Pouring aluminum into pig molds at Kaiser Aluminum's Chalmette, Louisiana, plant.
cover image October 1957
October 1957
Caption: Largest aluminum tee ever forged.
cover image August 1957
August 1957
Caption: Heli arc welding Earth satellite. (Photo courtesy Linde Air Products Co.)
cover image June 1957
June 1957
Caption: Partially formed titanium hat cover made from a heated blank. (Courtesy Boeing Airplane Co.)
cover image April 1957
April 1957
Caption: No caption.
cover image February 1957
February 1957
Caption: 8,000-pound aluminum extrusion billets. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.)
cover image December 1956
December 1956
Caption: Mold for aluminum casting made by frozen mercury process is broken by pneumatic hammer. (Photo courtesy of Alloyed Precision Castings Co., Cleveland, Ohio.)
cover image October 1956
October 1956
Caption: Tapered aluminum wing sections which heve been formed by new Cyril Bath combination stretch and compression method machine.
cover image August 1956
August 1956
Caption: The world's largest aluminum die forging - made by Aluminum Company of America.
cover image June 1956
June 1956
Caption: Stacking aluminum billets. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum Co.)
cover image April 1956
April 1956
Caption: Titanium ore is charged into chlorinator at Titanium Metals Corporation of America plant in Henderson, Nevada.
cover image February 1956
February 1956
Caption: Aluminum die cast engine blocks - largest die castings ever made - being produced at Doehler Jarvis by the world's largest die casting machine.