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1957 to 1955
cover image December 1957
December 1957
Caption: Pouring aluminum into pig molds at Kaiser Aluminum's Chalmette, Louisiana, plant.
cover image October 1957
October 1957
Caption: Largest aluminum tee ever forged.
cover image August 1957
August 1957
Caption: Heli arc welding Earth satellite. (Photo courtesy Linde Air Products Co.)
cover image June 1957
June 1957
Caption: Partially formed titanium hat cover made from a heated blank. (Courtesy Boeing Airplane Co.)
cover image April 1957
April 1957
Caption: No caption.
cover image February 1957
February 1957
Caption: 8,000-pound aluminum extrusion billets. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.)
cover image December 1956
December 1956
Caption: Mold for aluminum casting made by frozen mercury process is broken by pneumatic hammer. (Photo courtesy of Alloyed Precision Castings Co., Cleveland, Ohio.)
cover image October 1956
October 1956
Caption: Tapered aluminum wing sections which heve been formed by new Cyril Bath combination stretch and compression method machine.
cover image August 1956
August 1956
Caption: The world's largest aluminum die forging - made by Aluminum Company of America.
cover image June 1956
June 1956
Caption: Stacking aluminum billets. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum Co.)
cover image April 1956
April 1956
Caption: Titanium ore is charged into chlorinator at Titanium Metals Corporation of America plant in Henderson, Nevada.
cover image February 1956
February 1956
Caption: Aluminum die cast engine blocks - largest die castings ever made - being produced at Doehler Jarvis by the world's largest die casting machine.
cover image December 1955
December 1955
Caption: The 84-inch reversing coil mill is equipped with an up coiler capable of rolling continuous coils of magnesium sheet.
cover image October 1955
October 1955
Caption: Manipulator places stock on huge dies of press at Cleveland, Ohio, works of Aluminum Company of America.
cover image August 1955
August 1955
Caption: Removing "D. C." (direct-chilled) cast ingot from mold at Massena, New York works of Aluminum Company of America.
cover image June 1955
June 1955
Caption: Slitting aluminum foil at the Permanente, California, mill of Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Company.
cover image April 1955
April 1955
Caption: Extrusion being stretched in 3,000,000-pound stretcher at Alcoa's Lafayette, Ind., works.
cover image February 1955
February 1955
Caption: Inspecting internal expansion rings used to control the heating of titanium for jet engine afterburner shrouds made at Chance Vought.